Stela Enache - биография, альбомы, песни, клипы

Stela Enache (real name Stela Aurelia Bogardo) was born January 24 1950, in Resita, Romania. She is a famous Romanian singer.

Biography and Career :

She started studying piano at the age of six, when she went to Music School. In the period between 1964 and 1967, she goes to the School of Popular Arts, singing section.

In 1967 she start the Conservatory “Gheorghe Dima” in Cluj Napoca. In this period, until 1975 she starts attending stundents festivals in Iasi, Targu Mures and Timisoara, as a solist. She is knodest by Gheorghe Grigoriu, a composer, and she does a duet with Goerge Enache.

In 1971, she competes at Mamaia Festival and she wins second place for interpretation. She sings “Sa facem florile sa cante”, a George Grigoriu song, and “Tin minte”, written by Radu Stefa


The next year, she is again a participant in the same festival and gets the same prize.

She becomes a singer at the Electrecord Orchestra, under the surveillance of Alexandru Imre, and they make a number of tours in Germany, Russia, Austria, in some of the north countries, and so on.

After the band splits up, she and Doru Danciu make a group under the name of Sunshine Band. The mostly sing on cruise ships. On the bord of “Europa” they went around the world three times in the same year.

Stela Enache is invited in different music programs with wellknown singers, like Gilbert Becaud, Milva, Gloria Gaynor, Jennifer Rush, Tony Christie, The Platers, Lionel Hampton, Vicky Leandros, Al Bano, etc.

Stela Enache is the artist that sang the soundtrack for a famous Romanian movie, Liceenii, very popular in the ’80s.

She left the country some years ago.

In her discography, she has an amazing number of over 500 songs, for example:

Pentru un sarut, (George Grigoriu)

Ani fericiti, (Ion Cristinoiu)

Cântec pentru mama, (Misu Iancu)

O ce veste mama, (Dumitru Kiriac)

Tu aprinsa stea, (Florin Bogardo)

Iarna, (Florin Bogardo)

Candva o luntre alba, (Florin Bogardo)

Ani de liceu, (Florin Bogardo)

Definitie, (Florin Bogardo)

Apari, iubire, (Florin Bogardo)

N-ai sa ma poti uita, (Florin Bogardo)

Balada pescarusilor albastri, (Florin Bogardo)

Rugaciune, (Florin Bogardo)

E o poveste de amor, (Florin Bogardo)

Cum e oare, (Florin Bogardo)

Ma uit la tine, toamna (Florin Bogardo)

Quotes :

- “In life, I have done all that I ve wanted: I ve sang, I ve travelled, I ve formed a family. So, I can say I ve had a full life.”

- “Since 1986 I’ve been around the world four times.”

Trivia :

- Hobbies : swimming, basketball, handball


1983 – “Un simbol al iubirii”

1988 – “Extemporal la dirigentie cu…Stela Enache”

1989 – “Stela Enache”

1997 – “Melodii de Florin Bogardo interpretate de Stela Enache