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Tommy Spaanheden aka Stisch has talent enough. He could easily have been a painter, poet or something in forensic medicine, but luckily for us he decided to follow his heart and make beautiful, mind-blowing music.

He has given the world several projects. These include the techno-fueled aliases Cataclysm, Inquisagon, Incosm and Psycogenetic Soundforce, acts which put him on several club charts across Europe. He has also produced lush, funky, vocal soundscapes together with singer Ioana in the part acoustic, part electronic outfit Sirene as well as breaks projects as Invincible, Random Source and Haj & Mental.

These days however, it is the Stisch moniker that rends most international attention and also where Gothenburg based Tommy puts in maximum effort. He has, during the last year, been on the British Beats Chart Top Ten twice with “JFK” and “Welcome to the Beat Shop EP”, as well as having the tracks “Television popper” and “Poolswinger” incl. on DJ Hyper’s “Bedrock Breaks” compilations.

Inspired by successful crossover tunes where pioneering electro producers meet great pop singers (e.g. Chemical Brothers vs. Bernard Sumner, Plump DJs vs. Gary Numan and X-Press 2 vs. David Byrne), and surprised that no-one had ever done similar in Sweden, Stisch invited multi-platinum selling and frequently chart topping Weeping Willows’ front man and solo artist Magnus Carlson, to co-write and sing on the single “Beauty In Me”.

Beauty In Me was also included on the Ministry Of Sound -The Annual 2005 compilation among others.

The full lenght album “Heads Collide” was released in autumn 2005 and Stisch is currently working on his next album, due 2007. Several singles will be released soon on Casa Rosso Recordings from Germany, one of the worldwide most respected House labels.


Stisch: JFK EP (Sound Of Habib Recordings)

Stisch: Welcome To The Beatshop EP (Sound Of Habib Recordings)

Stisch: JFK (Remixes( (Sound Of Habib Recordings)

Stisch & Dan F: Head to Head EP (Sound Of Habib Recordings)

Stisch: Pack Of Reds EP (Disuye Recordings)

Stisch: Beauty In Me EP & Single (Sound Of Habib Rec. / Subspace Com.)

Stisch: Sawdust Caesar CD Single (Subspace Communications)

Stisch: Turn Around CD Single (Subspace Communications)

Stisch: Emotions CD Single (Subspace Communications)

Stisch: Televison Popper (Bedrock)

Stisch: Poolswinger (Bedrock)

Stisch: Bullet EP (Random recordings)

Stisch: Heads Collide CD Album (Subspace Communications)

Coming soon:

Stisch: Turn Around (Casa Rosso Recordings)

- incl. new remixes of Gadjo, Heck & Rhodes, Plastik Funk

Stisch: Sawdust Caesar (Casa Rosso Recordings)

Stisch: Beauty In Me (Casa Rosso Recordings)