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The Gross started in early 2000, with the first line-up of Kiki (vocals), Wawan (guitars), Deni (guitars), Didi (bass) and Ai (drums). This line-up didn’t last for long because Ai decided to leave the band, but then the vacant position was replaced by Arief (drums).

In the first few months, The Gross usually covered The Oppressed’s songs while trying to create their own songs. After the hard works that they did, finally the first album titled “Freedom” was released with the help of Allay (from Rebel Youth) on drums because Arief was unable to do the recording.

The sounds of the first album were not far from our influence, which was The Oppressed. However, only a few people managed to get this album due to our lack of money to release more tapes and some technical problems in distributing them.

Not long after the first LP was released, Kiki & Deni decided to leave the band. Kiki’s position was replaced by Revy (from Rebel Youth), and with this line up, The Gross wanted to change their music style coz they felt the 1st album was pretty much The Oppressed’s rip off, and from then they started to find their own music style of Oi!, and in mid 2002 they released a split album with The End, titled “Dedicated”, which was dedicated to our beloved friends who passed away during and before the making of this split album. …

The line-up shown above, again didn’t last for long. However, during making the latest album (i.e. Jiwa Dalam Kebersamaan), in late 2003, Yuri then joined the band to enrich our music with his saxophone.

Now, The Gross also get helped by some talented mates to perform on stage and also in recording in the studio. Those guys are Fido XIII (The Dignity) in vocals, Agung a.k.a. Nyonk (Inside Crime) in 2nd guitars, and not to forget Caunk (Inside Crime) who fills in Arief’s position (i.e. drums) when he’s not around. …

Because the members have different tastes in musics, the latest album could be described as a blend of Oi!, Punk rock, Ska, Rocksteady and Rock n roll. The songs tell about the things, which have happened in our everyday lives, and also some thoughts in our mind. Wanna know more?? Better get it now at the nearest distro or lapak. … … Cheers.


Freedom - 2000

Dedicated (split w/ The End) - 2002

V/A Skinhead Jamboree - 2004

Jiwa Dalam Kebersamaan - 2005


1st Line-up

Kiki - Vocals… Wawan - Guitars… Denny - Guitars… Didi - Bass… Ai - Drums … …

2nd Line-up

Revy - Vocals… Wawan - Guitars… Didi - Bass… Arief - Drums / Allay - additional drummer

3rd Line-up

Wawan - Guitars & vocals… Didi - Bass & vocals… Arief - Drums… Yuri - Saxophone & Keyboards

4th Line-up

Wawan - Guitars & vocals… Didi - Bass & vocals… Yuri - Saxophone & Keyboards… fikotheyouth - voc… ipunxs - Drums / Nyonk - Additional guitar

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The Business, The Oppressed, Cock Sparrer, The Clash, Bad Manners, Flogging Molly, Dropkick Murphys, The Specials, Madness, Hi-standards, Blitz, Cockney Rejects, Hepcat, Desmond Dekker, and many more.

Sounds Like

Think about a mix of Ska, Rocksteady, Oi!, Punk Rock, and Rock n roll