The Neons - биография, альбомы, песни, клипы

There are a number of artists named The Neons;

1) The Neons were an Indie /Rock group from Livingston,Scotland.(Now The Fusion

The band were together in it’s current form for more than than a year, and provided high energy indie dance/rock for anyone fortunate enough to listen! They had supported acts such as Sergeant, the Troubadours, the Vortex (Bonehead from Oasis), and The Complete Stone Roses, and had built a reputation as one of the more popular bands in West Lothian. Their latest single, It’s For Real , is available as a free download from 1st May 2010.


Frazer Brown - Vocals/Guitars, Ryan Barmanroy - Bass, Richie Meldrum - Drums, Kerry Ann Hollywood - Vocals/Percussion

2) A four-piece band from Seattle, WA.,United States.

They produce a well-received pop-rock sound, and are gaining popularity at a respectable rate.

3) A 1950s American doo-wop group.

4) Pop-Rock band from the Czech Republic. Active from 2011.

2012 - Away from me (EP / Single)

2013 - Eternal Lights (Album)