Time Being - биография, альбомы, песни, клипы

Time Being is the collaborative project of Jourdan Laik and Phillip Wilkerson.

Phillip Wilkerson was raised in a musical family and taught to appreciate and create music from a young age. He plays piano, guitar, and drums, and in his mid-twenties began experimenting with synthesizers. He has been recording and releasing ambient music since 2005 on a number of net labels, including Earth Mantra.

Jourdan Laik was influenced early on by classical music. It’s from this music that he learned how to listen to music, not just hear it. He loved listening to all its intricate parts. Ambient and electronic music is a lot like classical music in that it requires listening. This is what attracted Jourdan to this genre and eventually into the world of wanting to share this experience by making the music.

Both Jourdan and Phillip are interested in expressing and capturing photographic and/or artistic images that relate to time, eternity, and capturing the presence of the current moment, that is, freezing a moment of time in an artistic expression. Their collaborative music is an attempt to do this (capture the presence of the moment) using audio and sound capture.