Três Tristes Tigres - биография, альбомы, песни, клипы

Três Tristes Tigres was a Portuguese band from the nineties.

Since 1987, Ana Deus ( ex-Ban) worked and collaborated with the poetesses Regina Guimarães in song-writing for theatre and video. The keyboardist Paula Sousa ( ex-Reporter Estrábico) joined the band some time later.

In 1992 the first formation is defined. The name was chosen for being a wordplay and because they felt that having “tristes” (sad) in music that normally is associated with amusement was funny.

Their first album, Partes Sensíveis, is edited in 1993. GNR helped in its creation. Includes the track Anjo Azul which is a version of blaue engel interpreted by Marlene Dietrich. The huge hit of O Mundo A Meus Pés made the following editions get a new cover with an image of Ana Deus, taken from the theme’s music clip.

Paula Sousa leaves in Decembre 1993. In homage to Antonio Variações, they record a version of anjinho da guarda.
Alexandre Soares (ex-GNR, Zero), that collaborated in the recording of that song, enters the group.

Meanwhile they start to work on the second album Guia Espiritual which is released in the begining of 1996. Recieved with great acclaims and with a Blizt prize for “Best National Group” and “Best National Album of the year”. Zap Canal is one of the big successes in the national radio stations.

In the end of 1998, their third album, Comum is edited and includes a track, Falta (Forma), with a participation of Clã’s Manuela Azevedo.

Their live formation changes, and now includes João Pedro Coimbra (drums, percussion) and Pedro Moura (synths).

In May 1999, in Lisbon and Porto, is presented the show “Fera Consentida” based in Maria Gabriela Llansol’s texts.

In February 19 and 20, 2000, the show “KITCHnet” is presented, created by Ana Deus and features texts from Regina Guimarães.

In 2001, the compilation Visita de Estudo” is edited with tracks from all of their albuns, the Anjinho Da Guarda track and a new track Coisas Azuis, created for the show “Ferida Consentida”, a new version of Subida Aos Céus and a J.P. Coimbra’s remix of O Mundo A Meus Pés (Remix).

In the same year, Alexandre Soares was the autor of the soundtrack of “Ganhar a vida”, a film by João Canijo. In the same film, it can be heard the track Fome de Femme of Três Tristes Tigres.