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The album Kerykeion, by v.outros, was created in the spirit of the most experimental albums, and the ambitious endeavor does not fail to impress. Even describing the process by which the album was made takes some creativity and some understanding of how multi-track recording works.

Approximately one hour of stereo recordings produced independently by two different recording artists, Devitt Ward, (the force behind Mumbler) and Cricketboy & Poo, was laid down on 16 different tracks and looped, beginning at different time intervals, so that each minute of the total recording on all tracks continuously created a unique and non-premeditated moment regardless of the looping.

All 16 tracks overlapped created a massive cacophony of noise that was then smoothly mixed into a single ambient project, a little over an hour long, transforming the chaos into a concerted and controlled ambient environment. All of this was done on digital tape recorders without the assistance of computers for editing.