Villard L. Cord - биография, альбомы, песни, клипы

Musician, writer, the Incubus of Saint Petersburg.

Scotsman in spirit, cognizing the seasons of death.

Drunkard of arts, rapist of hearts, drifter by veins.

Mooning away and around the autumnal stout, commanding the wheel of his cordial vessel of wakes.


Leader and vocalist of Memoire d’Ardente band.




First started to inhale the fumes of musical diseases almost 10 delirious years before “the end of days” (the end of minds, 2012) in Saint Petersburg under the name of Lestat de Llamorte. However, this was just a pseudonym for youngster, anxious to set sail into the World. He never studied music, being convinced that She must only be felt, tasted like the liquid flame that makes body and soul dance and sing - high of Muses’ temptation. Thus, he gathered the knowledge how melodies weave into hypnotic linens and instruments wed to the ringing of heart.

At last, he realised that his music exceeded his pseudonym. Thence in some spiritual revelation the real name of Villard L. Cord did appear. Where L. stands for the experience of past incantations. That’s how the present Incubus has finished his seasoning into the World.

Now it’s just the beginning of novel sensations…



Taste the Liquid Flame,

Little heavens are too ugly to stay there.

(c) Memoire d’Ardente - Liquid Flame



The music of Villard L. Cord is connected to the music of his band Memoire d’Ardente (full-play album is being prepared). Though, as a solo artist, Cord composes mostly instrumental tracks for his stories and poetic stanzas (in English or Russian, as well). Genres vary from darkwave/ambient/trip-hop to neoclassic/rock aberrations.


The first full-play album “Soundtrack for the INCUBUS” was released in 2011 as the musical synopsis and the background of resounding emotions of Cord’s novel “INCUBUS”, finished in Russian that year (under translation). “Soundtrack for the INCUBUS” was composed as a musical trip by the quays, streets and bridges of the city of Saint Petersburg. Hence, author highly recommends to let this soundscapes accompany you when you’re lucky to visit the place (afoot or adream).

In the nearest future the full-play vocal album for the story of Autumn Vampire (the story soon shall be re-told in English) and second part of music for INCUBUS are awaited.

Most of songs from the early Cord’s artistic period are being re-done, as well.


If you have any questions, ideas or high revelations, or just want to share a feedback…

…feel free to contact Cord by this e-mail: [email protected]