Anima Inside - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

ANIMA INSIDE, starts in the year 2005, when a group of musicians decided to start a band that brake borders in every field, their inclination for different aspects in the visuals and sounds, took them to create a new vibe of Progressive Rock with the fusion of their different influences and the music of the World.

They started with the production of a demo on 2005 that had the name of “IN BETEEN”, which the single “FATHER TIME “ was on the first positions in the local radios and the band was covered in the local magazines. As a result of this, different companies in the music business locally and international where intrested about Anima…s music.

One of companies interested in ANIMA was the very prestige Studio FUSAO VMT STUDIOS located in Sao Paulo-Brazil, where people like Tom Jobim, Angra, Shaman, Caetano Velozo, etc. are part of the clients that record in this studio.

The next step was to found the right person to produce this ambitious album, which after a lot of research the elected was THIAGO BIANCHI, producer of bands like (Angra, Shaman, and Karma) the man that was going to bring this project to life and help to give its own personality to the band.

The band flew member by member to Brazil, sharing knowledge with some of the best musicians in the rock-metal industry right now. The relation was so good that people like, CARLOS CERONNI (Glory Opera), EDU ARDANUY (Dr. Sin), FERNANDO QUESADA (Shaman) and LEO MANCINI (Shaman), contribute to this album as guest musicians in some tracks.

After a year, ANIMA INSIDE finished the production of their first album called REFLECTION; the band is working in two videos of the first two singles that will be ready the first months of the year 2009, plus the releasing of the band in Latin America, USA and Europe for the summer 2009.