Aphonic - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

Hailing from opposite ends of California, Kevin and Devon met nearly a decade ago under undoubtedly uncommon circumstances – video game tournaments. The two were top players of – wait for it – a DJ game.

Broadening their musical tastes with the help of the radically eclectic soundtracks from the game, the two had their phases with genre obsessions, from trance to hardcore to glam rock to trip hop until finally landing on drum and bass. It didn’t take long after hearing the diversity the genre had to offer that they became completely engrossed in it, with the sounds of Pendulum, ShyFX, Klute, Chase & Status, Evol Intent, Phace and countless others all shaping their tastes.

It took nearly 3 years of club nights, raves, bedroom DJing and the sound of mutilating bass until the two decided the time was right to dive into learning to produce their own tracks. From the ground up, the two taught themselves every single thing they know today about production, and after about a year of messing about, came forward with Aphonic in 2009.

Drawing inspiration from any and all forms of music, Aphonic do not limit themselves to any one sound with their productions. While drum and bass is the forefront of their output, the two have a passion and ear for nearly all sub-genres of electronic music, and would only be kidding themselves if they tried to officially label themselves to a certain style.