Arekku - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

My music has always been based on themes.

Theme 1: DEDICATIONARY tracks are dedicated to my friends and family, because they really are the ones providing the inspiration.

Theme 2: REMIXES tracks are exactly that; remixes.

Theme 3: SITUATIONARY tracks are linked to my personal situation, and the mood of them can vary a great deal, just like life itself.

Formation Date: January 06, 2006

Label Type: Unsigned

Band Members: Alec Laine (Arekku)

Age: 18

Influences: SMK, Rymdkraft, Psilodump, The Knife, GOTO80, Super Multifaros, Dorothy’s Magic Bag and tons of other bands.


Hometown: Wives Meadow

Country: Sweden