Autamata - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

Autamata is an Irish electro-pop band with a revolving personnel that reflects the band’s broad and nebulous nature. The brainchild of the only long-term member, Dublin-based artist and producer Ken McHugh, the earliest line-up featured two of Ireland’s foremost female vocalists: Carol Keogh and Cathy Davey. A later configuration saw Graham Hopkins on drums and Sarah Verdon providing vocals. Their debut album, “My Sanctuary”, released in 2004 was recorded over a year-long period whilst the producer was working on various other musical projects. McHugh describes the album as, “A manifold of sounds that merge to create an aural journey of mixed experiences and emotions”. The album was built up from layers of electronic music, structured into songs featuring guest vocalists, Carol Keogh, Cathy Davey and “my wee nephew Michael who got to ‘be a robot’ for a while”, McHugh explained. In an age where most bands find one sound and stick to it, Autamata have always stood out. Short Stories, their second album (released in 2006), a sprawling, utterly disparate, breathtakingly ambitious and above all hugely fun exploration of near-limitless musical and emotional terrain, confirmed that the band are impossible to shoehorn into anything as boring as one musical genre. Their third album, “Colours of Sound” was released in March 2008.