Barthol Lo Mejor - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

Estonian Barthol Lo Mejor trash electro is the music for starting parties. Fresh, upbeat and raw sound like Justice, Mstrkrft and Huoratron. His performance expresses this further. Playing his signature sound, guiding the crowd and bouncing around in a flashy outfit. He has performed over 50 events since 2005.

“If his songs were on a screen, they would cause an epileptic fit” - Hot Generation 08.

“twilight zone electro, by turns tacky, kitsch and enlightening” - Treblezine 2008.

“a sound that’s guaranteed to get you and your futon-bound friends jumping around.” - MTV iggy 2010.

Barthol has shared the stage with Kap Bambino, Kania Tieffer, Vector Lovers, Instrumenti, Miip, Kinkymint and Plixid.

His first release was a selfreleased EP called LolliPopDada.

It questioned the form of music mediation by providing the consumer

with a graphic sheet with his iconic portrait eating a lollipop. All the sheets were

numbered according to printing tradition but the prices were reversed,

emphasizing the loss of quality with the later prints as the aesthetic of flaw.

On the other side of the print, there was the link to the music on the EP.

Altogether 50 of the handmade and signed EP’s we’re made - 25 pink and 25 yellow.

The experiment lasted two months and the EP’s left over we’re destroyed after the end

of the project. The tracks circle but the graphics are rarely to be seen in real life.

The project took place in march 2007, predating the major labels decision to switch

from CD’s to memory sticks, by almost a year. The tracks from the EP are available on