Beowülf - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

Not to be confused with Beowulf, without the umlaut. This is the crossover thrash metal band from Los Angeles, California, USA, formed in 1982, and still active. Considered a major player in the Venice Beach Crossover thrash scene that also spawned Suicidal Tendencies, Excel, and No Mercy all of which appeared on the 1985 split album Welcome to Venice. They went under the name BWF for just there 1993 album Un-Sentimental. But then went back to there name Beowülf for the 1995 album 2 Cents. In 2011 There released a new album called Jesus Freak. During the recording process, they hired original Sucidal Tendencies member Louiche Mayorga todo bass. Then he dropped out for personal reasons and was hired by former Fear Factory bassist Christian Olde Wolbers. Also in the year 2011 the 2 Beowülf albums released in the 90’s, Un-Sentimental & 2 Cents were released for the first time on iTunes.