Binatang Liar - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

Binatang Liar in english means wild animals. Binatang Liar is a grinding humorcore project made by Toro Elmar and Adythia Utama who are the two guys going to the same college and share common feelings. It is LONELINESS AND DEAD BROKE.

Meanwhile each of them also own other musical project. Adythia Utama is a man behind the prolific specalist brokencore act, Individual Distortion and also Depriver and Toro Elmar is a well prominence artworker and guitarist of a retarded freestyleposicore band named About The Drunker and Amukredam.

Musically they play like “FUCKYOU” grindcore with the using of home studio tools and random writings lyrically. Thats it about the band. Thanks for listening

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