Birgitta Andersson - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

Ulla Birgitta Helena Andersson Bye (born Andersson April 20, 1933 in Mariestad) is a Swedish actress and comedian.

Andersson is a very popular and well liked actress in Sweden. She made her breakthrough by acting in various variety shows, first along with Povel Ramel and Karl Gerhard and later on with Hasseåtage. With the later she did much of her most famous work, among them Gula Hund, Docking the Boat (Att Angöra en Brygga), Spader madame, The Apple War (Äppelkriget), Ägget är löst, The Adventures of Picasso (Picassos Äventyr) and Häxan Surtant.

In 1967, she portrayed Teskedsgumman (Mrs. Pepperpot) in the Swedish advent calendar with the same name. This TV- and radioseries was also the big breakthrough for advent calendars in television. Later on, she also portrayed two other characters on kid shows; Hedvig in Från A till Ö - En Resa Orden runt (From A to Ö - A Trip Around the Words) from 1974 and the small troll Doris in Trolltider (Trolltimes) from 1979. Both Teskedsgumman and Trolltider has been reaired. Teskedsgumman in 1976 and Trolltider in 1985. Those are the only two advent calendars to reair.

Another of her more famous roles is the one as Doris in the Jönssonligan movies. And one of her more less-famous ones is that she does the Swedish voice for Lady Kluck in the Walt Disney animated movie Robin Hood, and she also did the voice to Blomhåret in Dunderklumpen.

She has two children: The son Matti Bye (silent movie pianist, born 1966 with her then-husband Anders Bye and the daughter Hanna Z Gradin (born Zetterström) whom she had with the Swedish writer Carl Zetterström.

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