Bxentric - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

Bxentric make electronic music so uplifting, it inspires you to dust off your vinyl, take off your clothes and dance naked through the fields with scarves tied to your wrists.

And that’s just if you are a man.

Obsessed with all things analogue, Bxentric don’t do electronic the simple way.

Completely dance, completely current, and completely unique, their music is something you can listen to almost anywhere. It will make you feel happy and hopeful and maybe a little bit high in a sixties way, which can be quite fun if you have to brave a shitty journey to work every day, like the rest of us.

What makes Bxentric’ music so special is the ridiculous amount of care that goes into every one of their recordings. Played live and recorded on vintage analogue equipment, you could be forgiven in thinking that Bxentric are mad. Which they probably are, but we can’t help loving their music anyway. Maybe if you have a listen you will feel the same way too.