Can't Die Twice - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

Can’t Die Twice hail from a corner of England usually associated with hardcore rave and illegal warehouse parties. Although you are very unlikely to see them at one, performing or otherwise.

The current line-up was completed in 2004 which saw another guitarist added to the already raucous 3-piece.

Straight-up Metal. Straight-up songs and very down-to-earth guys. There aren’t many frills on this but then metal doesn’t need any. A combination of dark and light ambiences keep the mood fairly well on its own.

The featured EP being a venture of their own budget it’s likely to sound just as it does. But is an injustice to the live sonics.

A heavy dose of metal is the greatest influence and the aforementioned rave is one many sources the drumming spawns from. The bass is funky in areas and lends the overall sound a style differing to many others.