D.O.M. - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

1) D.O.M. : Cristian starts to djing in ‘90 playnig hardcore in local clubs. In the early 2000 he discovers psytrance and starts to play it in the underground italian scene,one of the few playing psytrance with vinyls.in 2003 becomes resident of a rock club alongside Xmind playing psytrance, d’n’b and hardcore. Finding soon a good feeling they joined to create dlscrew and the industrial project D.O.M…Together they created a strong live set and released records for Psychik genocide, Neurotoxic, Headfuck negative, Necrosociety and Astrofonik.in 2009 different musical point of view bring them to the decision of developping a new career as solo artists.Xmind develops the new project,meanwhile Cristian continue producing music as D.O.M…

2) doom

3) hip hop