Dårlig Hårdag - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

Dårlig Hårdag is a three piece rap-outfit from the city of Bodø, located in northern Norway. The group was founded in 2001, but have, spite a massive local hype, never released any official material. They have however played live at several venues in and around their hometown, plus gained the respect of local media and culture life by promoting their music on the internet.

The group’s original members consist of Daniel Daasvatn (“Flexfit”, MC), Lars Kristian Sørensen (“Lash”/”Lash Vegas”, MC) and Marius Staulen (“Lame-Dogg”, MC and producer). Recurring affiliates are, among others, DJ Pephzki of BodøTalentSørvis, and local beatmaker Thomax

The name, “Dårlig Hårdag”, is norwegian and litterally means “Bad Hairday”.