Death Sentence: PANDA! - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

Kim West is the vocalist and rapt flautist of Death Sentence: PANDA! Formerly of death-disco group Crack: We Are Rock(on kid606’s Tigerbeat 6 label). Kim has also spent time in the witchy electro-coven Shadow Glove, and plays guitar in the feedback drenched T.I.T.S (who are also kind of witchy). Paul Costuros is the man behind the unearthly sounding clarinet in DS: P! Paul also performs in destruco-improv band Murder Murder, and plays sax and guitar in SF hardcore saviours Total Shutdown (Tigerbeat 6). Paul served as bass player in xbxrx and played trombone in Zeek Sheck’s band too. The lineup is completed by drummer Chris Dixon who also performs in Murder Murder, and began playing drums in 2001 when he joined the post-hardcore/post-psych/noise blow-out quartet NAM.

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Death Sentence: PANDA! formed in February 2004 and played their first show a month later. After playing numerous one-off shows across the US the band were asked by electro-rap artist Gold Chains to accompany him on his nation-wide tour in 2004. “Puppy, Kitty Or Both” was released in 2005 and this debut album (now on its third pressing!) was met with many glowing reviews and radio coverage, Rough Trade even chose the track to feature on their “Counter Culture” compilation. In the period between their debut album and the release of this new album “Festival Of Ghosts” the band managed to complete a comprehensive tour of the States, covering both coasts. This tour culminated in a performance at the End Times Festival, which celebrates the worlds most eccentric and experimental artists. A tour of Europe is planned for April 2007.