Deconbrio - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

Originating in South Florida over a decade ago, Deconbrio is determined to be heard. Led by frontman Danny Rendo, the project has relocated in the last few years to San Francisco, CA, and then Knoxville, TN. Danny carries on, but regrets having to leave such awesome band members behind. Although he writes and records all the music himself, he enjoys working with other artists and feels the music only benefits from his collaborations. After each move, Danny struggled with finding a live band to perform shows, but even this hasn’t slowed him down.

Currently backed by a very seasoned and talented group of guys, Danny plans on using his recent journey and hard learned life lessons to fuel many more albums. His experiences across the country have given him a broader perspective of how the music scene works across the nation and how to best reach the masses with his music.

In regards to his creative process, Danny has said, “When it comes to writing lyrics, I like to both make it very whole, but leave a lot open for the listener’s interpretation. Let them build their own storyline. To me, no matter what’s going on in my head, the music I write is always the perfect soundtrack.”

That being said, he does have a general storyline or theme in his own mind for each album and they are loosely tied together. The official debut album Obsessions of a False Idol, which was independently released for free in 2008, lashes out on the stamp-and-go styles of today’s entertainment industry. The album is portrayed from multiple angles: the entertainment industry (”Let’s feed the world our bullshit and watch our profits soar”), the consumers (”We all react to what they’re bringing back”), and the voice of reason (”Wake up. You have been lied to. This is a masquerade”). The decision to make the debut release a free download was an easy choice. It was about the music and the experience, not the money.

Soon after the release of Obsessions of a False Idol, Deconbrio took a giant step forward and signed with Bit Riot Records. In June of 2009, they released The Vanishing, a 5-track EP that took more of a personal route for frontman Danny Rendo. This time, the lashings are directed toward the demons that were in Danny’s head at the time. Though he overcame the things that made him write the EP in the first place, he decided to make the concept’s protagonist not so fortunate, and thus finding alleviation through obscure fantasies and voyeurism.

The Feeling Remains, the EP’s final track, became the segueway into Deconbrio’s next album entitled Voyeur, which will be coming out on 2/12/2012, and will be the first full-length release from Deconbrio to be released on Bit Riot Records. Voyeur can be seen as a cautionary tale of the dangers of using sex to sell a product and the objectification of women in the media around us. Each track is a chapter delving deeper into the story of the protagonist. His descent into madness is fueled by his own tortured thoughts and the demons voiced by the media drawing him deeper and deeper into the abyss of delusion. There comes a point when it is no longer apparent what is real or imagined, and the story leaves you with plenty to question about the world around you.

Aside from being a musician, Danny is also a talented photographer/videographer and graphic artist. He goes so far as to create all the promotional material for his work himself, including album art and music videos. Even though Danny is perfectly capable of producing all the creative parts of his album, he never turns down help from other artists and utlizes his connections in the Alt Model world frequently.

Since the release of The Vanishing, Deconbrio’s frontman Danny Rendo has lent his remixing skills to a few artists, including Caustic, Celldweller, I Will Never Be The Same and Torrent Vaccine.