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El Gran Silencio is a rock en español band from Monterrey, Mexico that blends a variety of rock, reggae, dancehall, and dub influences with traditional Latin American musical forms such as cumbia, vallenato and banda as part of the musical movement known as Avanzada Regia. Current members include brothers Cano and Tony Hernandez, Isaac "Campa" Valdez, Julian "Moco" Villarreal, and Ezequiel Alvarado. Their first album (1999) is titled Libres y Locos, which means 'free and crazy' in English. It was on this album that they scored a hit with the song "Dormir Soñando". Their follow up album (2001) is called Chuntaros Radio Poder ("Chuntaro" referring to a type of Mexican music and referenced in the song ("Chuntaros Style") and was even more successful than the first. Their third album is called Superiddim Internacional Vol. 1. Their latest album (2006) is called Comunicaflow Underground. El Gran Silencio was the opening act at LA Rising in Los Angeles, California on July 30, 2011.


  • Dofos (1996 Independent - Demo)
  • Libres y Locos (1998 EMI - Álbum)
  • Chúntaros Radio Poder (2000 EMI - Álbum)
  • Super Riddim Internacional Vol.1 (2003 EMI - Álbum)
  • Comunicaflow Underground (2006 EMI - Album)
  • Vi - Vo (2008 Independent - Live Album)
  • Revolusound vs Systema (2010 Independent - Album)

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