Enemy throttle - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

Enemy Throttle is a melodic metal from Gippsland Australia!

The Bands style of metal-core riffs ‘Enemy Throttle’ is moving forward progressing and growing as a melodic metal band and give their listeners something different to listen and rock to. Forming in Gippsland Australia in 2006 ‘Enemy Throttle’ is a progressing band that you need to hear! With their heavy double kickers, melodic-core riffs and growling vocals the band is finally finding the way with their music and direction.

After writing riffs and ideas for 8 years ‘Enemy Throttle’ thought it was time to get out some of the new riff ideas and share our musical ideas. The band and project members have been working hard to bring out a new album for 2014, after previous disappointing EP’s production qualities.

‘Enemy Throttle’ are coming to the music scene in 2014!. With the new album CD ‘Retribution/Total Control ‘Enemy Throttle’ will prevail. The band wishes their listeners all the best and hope to see you at all our gigs which you can find the details on our web pages


Jamie Palmer - Guitars/Vocals

Nathan Bell - Guitars

Todd Maslen - Drums/Percussion