Ernest Saint Laurent - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

ERNEST SAINT LAURENT is a musician, diverse instrumentalist and producer. He has started

his career on the French label Yellow Productions, with album/project: WE ARE ONE, also

featuring remixes of FRANKIE FILLICIANO and THE CONSTIPATED MONKEYS. He has been

part of many compilations, such as Source Material, Trip Do Brasil 2 kitsune love and Bossa

Tres Jazz. In 2001, he has started his own label ‘FLUID SYSTEM”, which has released a first maxi “Clumbsy Lobster”, noting international acclaim and featured as single of the week for the English magazine: New Musical Express.

ERNEST SAINT LAURENT has remixed great artists like THE AVALANCHES, ZERO SEVEN, GRACE JONES, ANGIE STONES, FEMI KUTI… In 2002, he releases the single ‘IN THE SKY’ which hit number one on the club charts in England. In 2008, Ernest starts working with the band: THE REPLICANTS. Additionally, he creates music for television commercials (Citroen, Burberry, Vittel…), documentaries and cinema (some of his music will be used for the upcoming film of french director Maiwen).