Hardcoholics - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

Hardcoholics was originally a hardcore duo ceated in ‘98 in Marseille consisting of two artists : DJ Loky (Wilfrid Wouters) and Kyo_o (Jean-Marc Melet) . Later on they have been joined by Ingrid Losfeld AKA Leeloo

DJ Loky comes from the hip-hop scene where he started playing in ‘95 with a local band and quickly becomes fond of electronic music and computers.

Kyo_o is a Manga, computers and video-games fan, that’s why he naturally came to Hardcore : His sound as Dj and composer is violent and futurist , wheather in Hardcore or Techno.

In ‘97 , they start making music together, and in ‘98 they release their first vinyl on BEAST rec. Lots of other records follow on labels like Deathchant, Psychik Genocide or Epileptik and appear in parties like EUPHORIA (Marseille), WOODSTOCK (Avignon), SPECIES (Manchester)

In 2000 they create their own label, Noise Factory, and release their first album ‘Total Immersion’ in 2002.