Invoking the Abstract - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

Formed In: January of 2010 - Present

Location: Columbia, SC

Genre: Technical Deathcore/Progressive Death Metal

Current Band Lineup:

Mike Busbee - Vocals

Evan Garner - Guitar

Tyler Ivey - Guitar

Gary Archer - Lead Bass

MacBook - Drums


Formed in January of 2010, Invoking the Abstract is just four dudes who love to shred, while taking every step to evolve musically and progress to the next plateau.

Currently a quartet with the aid of a MacBook drum machine, I.T.A. strives to provide a unique and energizing experience for any metal admirer. For all inquiries, contact us: [email protected]


The Faceless, Veil Of Maya, At The Throne of Judgment, Animals As Leaders, Beneath The Massacre, & The Black Dahlia Murder.