Les Rats - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

The Rats were a punk rock band, originally formed by Joss (guitars), Patrick (vocals/guitar), Jean-Michel (drums) and Laurent (bass) in Seine-Et-Marne. This Parisian group was in the 80s one of the leading French punk bands.

Rats were formed in 1983 at Montereau (Seine-Et-Marne), near Paris. Their punk rock sound marked the French 80’s/90’s scene. Originally started as quartet, the group will expand to five in 1987 after releasing their debut album Tequila: Lawrence “Rolo” joined the Rats as a second guitarist, while Lawrence (another bassist) left the band and leaves

his bass to Mohamed “Momo”. Patrice singer (also guitarist), will therefore not concentrate at singing.

Very popular in the middle of alternative rock, they occur many times with bands like the Sheriff or Parabellum. Their songs are their words for describing a sarcastic daily bleak backdrop of suburban boredom and illegal products. Some of them have also written by Giant Verde, 413 Karbala singer, songwriter and occasional Parabellum.

From the early 90s, the group began a shift toward fewer primary rock, more built, and abandoning some of their punk accents. The album Solicitation is particularly representative of this period, although their lyrics keep the same sarcastic vein. It is then that Momo left the band, replaced by Roland of Parabellum, then Fred.

The Rats split in 1996 after a last concert at the Divan du Monde in Paris. A year earlier they had released their only album “Live From Prisa”, containing most of the best known songs of the group.