Manuel Franjo - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

Following the enormous international success of his hits “Sólo Por Tu Amor” and “Tiempo” (which appeared on such compilations as “The Classic Chill Out 2” on Sony Music, “The Chill Out Album 4” on Warner Music, “Buddha Bar” III & IV, “Buddha Bar Presents Living Theatre” Vol 1 & 2, “Bazaar” and “Best of Lounge”) Kunduru Music is proud to present the release of “Sólo Por Tu Amor”, the debut full length CD by Manuel Franjo. Featuring 14 songs, including a melodic club mix of the title track by superstar DJ Tracy Young. The CD is a collaboration between Kunduru “Guru” Joseph Baldassare (writer/producer) and Manuel Franjo, who together have created a classic CD, with wondrously electric melodies and completely Spanish lyrics (ex. one song “Dove Vai” in Italian)

Musical Partners and veritable pioneers on the chill out scene, Venezuelan born Manuel Franjo and native New Yorker Joseph Baldassare have taken the magic and success of the single and composed a consummately cool album with infectious international beats and sensual verse, encompassing rhythms and styles from tropical to flamenco to Celti-esque violins to glassy pianos, panting percussion alluring guitars, “Sólo Por Tu Amor” is unique in its genre. If you’re in the mood to calmly close your eyes and fantasize or if you’d rather hit the dance floor and make a louder statement, “Sólo Por Tu Amor” provides the ultimate back beat to grant all your personal wishes and more.