Megan Nicole - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

In todays world of music there are so many talented singers, so many beautiful artists, and so many personalities that tend to effortless grab your attention, yet rarely do you find all three attributes in one place. Megan Nicole, a talented 17 year old singer songwriter, has been doing all those things through her YouTube videos for the past year. She's been stealing hearts with her beautiful smile and mesmerizing eyes .. Her unique vocals bring a freshness to todays pop music that has been long awaited for. She started with 5,000 views on YouTube roughly 9 months ago and now she is at over 37 million views. From her live shows to her TV appearances she has created a fan base that spreads worldwide to all ages, giving her Facebook fan page over 160,000 likes. Recently she has been recording her original songs in Los Angeles, CA with legendary producers Tom Mgrdichian and Chris Cox. Her first music video was shot with the direction of YouTube phenomenon, Kurt Schneider, and is slated to be released in July.

It all started for Megan in the fourth grade when she sang "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" for a talent show. This sparked the musical love in Megan that has led her to where she is today. Not only can she impress you with her original vocals, but she is also a very gifted guitar and piano player. In the end, the most impressive thing about Megan isn't just her musical talents, but when you talk to her. You would never expect someone so talented and beautiful to be so humble and sweet. While others may boast on their achievements Megan spends her free time volunteering for youth, working for charities, and replying to her fan mail thanking them for their support. It's been so exciting watching her grow over the past several months, but it's easy to see that the best is yet to come for this teenage pop superstar.

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