Mikromidas - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

This band is from Norway, the Western part of Scandinavia, known for its ‘fjords’ and ‘Vikings’. They consist of Atle Bye (bass, vocals), Rune Forselv (drums), Halvard Jakobsen (guitar and vocals), Oystein Larsen (Hammond organ, piano, Mellotron and vocals) and Stale Roar Leirtro (guitar and vocals). On the info sheet the band “wants to emphasize that the text of their songs deal mainly with a light philosophical view of life and the human existence and that the music is a symbiosis of the musical preferences of each single member of the band”. The intention is of course to reach an audience, but without letting this wish result in big adjustments in the music tp please the rather single-tracked nowadays market. MIKROMIDAS hopes that there are still people who have an interest in honest and genuine music”. Well, beautiful and sincere words, in my opinion it’s good to have musicians who express them this way and I’m glad that their music on the debut-CD “Brennende Drømmer” (2004) fits to these honest words because it’s simply wonderful, 24-carat symphonic rock with strong echoes from BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST and elements from Landberk, Änglagård, Kerrs Pink and Rousseau. The sound on the debut-CD “Brennende Drømmer” is loaded with Hammond and Mellotron, often the early Barclay James Harvest comes to my mind. But the emotional Norwegian vocals and the layers of violin Mellotron also evokes the work of fellow Scandinavians Landberk and Änglagård. The music is rather simple and accessible but the emotional impact is very great, it invites you to dream away from the daily stress and problems! The guitar work is beautiful and very sensitive with some awesome interplay with the keyboards. The compositions contain alternating climates, from mellow with organ and twanging guitar to sumptuous outbursts with floods of Hammond and Mellotron. Simply wonderful 24-carat prog rock!www.progarchives.com