Mim Paquin - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

American Operatic Soprano, Mim Paquin was not always a classical vocalist.

Mim Paquin, is a multifaceted talent known for her extremely diverse singer/songwriting abilities and knack for personalizing many styles of music from her classical repertoire to broadway to funk, jazz, rock and r&b. She’s scored music for film, TV and theater. Her speaking voice and announcer skills won broadcasting awards. Scholarship student to both world renowned Boston Conservatory and Berklee College of Music (the latter she did not attend.) Her background is that of a classical musician, her performance background is as diverse as her songwriting ability. An actress, vocalist, dancer, and self-taught musician (guitar, piano, bass, guitar and percussion.)

Her most recent album Uprooted is an eclectic handful of songs with jazz, r&b soul filled acoustic, folk, and rock all written and performed by Mim. Uprooted privately produced personal recordings that were written, performed & engineered by the artist herself Mim Paquin in 2005. The last track on Uprooted is the more traditional jazz based tune “Do You Hear That Sound.”

This was the last song written just before the artist Mim Paquin began to privately study opera.

Mim was indeed Uprooted only to be replanted in the world of opera. She currently performs operatic roles and is a classical soloist. Her operatic lyric soprano sound is now compared to operatic greats like Kiri Te Kanawa, Jesse Norman, Mirella Freni and Angela Gheorghiu. Mim still writes music in all styles and occasionally sings all other styles as the occasions arise. However Mim truly found love in a classic heartwarming sound, the world’s most beloved musical genre, opera. She truly replanted her classical music roots where they belong.