Nat Monday - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

Over the last 10 years Nat Monday has forged and refined his unique, individualistic take on the trance/progressive sound. A prodigy of Paul Oakenfold’s since the early years of Perfecto, his numerous remixes and productions have helped shape the imprint’s scene-defining sound. And as part of the first wave of ‘Bedroom DJs’ to turn pro, Nat won one of the first Muzik Magazine Bedroom Bedlam competitions in 1997 and has subsequently broken out to build himself a globe-navigating DJ career. In 1996, Nat launched the Bradford based Flammable Records imprint. Through its cutting-edge sound, he pushed the label to the forefront of the then burgeoning prog-trance scene. This in turn decisively brought Monday onto the radar of early benefactor, Paul Oakenfold and Perfecto. Thus began a close production relationship between Nat and Oakey that lives through to this day. Paul has never missed an opportunity to praise both Nat’s production & DJing skills: “Nat Monday is a really talented and soulful producer and he’s one to look out for in the near future”, Paul has gone on the record as saying. Oakenfold has also named Nat as his favourite producer of 2007 & 2008 in his DJ Magazine Top 100 interviews. Nat Monday - The DJ: In 1997 Nat was among the first of the Bedroom DJ generation to successful cross their talents over to the clubs. He has spun in Asia, The Americas & Europe as well as on tours for Ministry of Sound, Gatecrasher, GodsKitchen and or course Perfecto. Over the years Nat’s much in-demand mixes, which are as exclusive in content as they are original in expression, have featured as cover-mounts on numerous dance magazines (inc. M8). Nat Monday - The Remixer: For many years Nat has maintained his position as the Perfecto’s go-to man for remixes. He has re-fashioned more than 12 of the labels releases, including tracks by Jan Johnston, Pharrell Williams, David Guetta, Brittany Murphy & Planet Perfecto. He has also has also remixed the legendary ‘Bullet in A Gun’. The Future: Having established a now-exclusive relationship with Perfecto, Nat has remixed no less than six tracks from Paul’s forthcoming album, ‘A Lively Mind’! He has also signed his two latest productions (‘Break and Fall’ & ‘Dominant Force’) to Perfecto and he has just remixed Oakey’s Big Brother theme.