Planning Parades - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

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Planning Parades is an ongoing musical collaboration between Marc Drinkwater and David Forlano. Their music is an abstract mix of organic and electronic sounds. The project name was inspired by the book Catch-22.

Marc and David met online in 2009 at Indaba Music. Planning Parades’ first album (Flock Behavior: Three Patterns) will be released in a series of three installments. The first installment (Flock Behavior: Hadean Pattern) was released in August 2011. The music is comprised of layered guitar loops and song structures recorded by Marc, which were then remixed by David with additional treatments and textures.

Planning Parades’ music has appeared in the sci-fi webisode Cyphers, for which David also does editing, production, and art direction. David resides in New Mexico and makes jewelry for a living. Marc lives in Massachusetts and works in his family’s tax accounting business. In 2010, Marc released an album under his solo project, gullible gods.

Planning Parades is an independent musical project. All income from the sale of this music goes directly to the artists.