Rotterdam Terror Corps - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

Rotterdam Terror Corps is a Dutch gabber group formed in 1993 that is known for its hard beats and is considered by many as a pioneer in the genre, for instance they created landmark songs such as, “God is a gabber”, “Masters of Hardcore”, “Unleash Hell” and “Rotterdam Hooligan”.

Originally formed by five Dutch DJ’s (DJ Distortion, MC Raw, DJ Reanimator, DJ Petrov, and DJ Rob), currently there are only two of the original left. DJ Petrov and DJ Rob left to pursue individual work, Reanimator (Patrick Moerland) produced the first album and left twice, the second time in 1995 permanently after an argument with DJ Distortion. DJ Distortion (George Ruseler) creates the music while MC Raw (Ricky Peroti) does vocals, these two are the ones now associated with the name Rotterdam Terror Corps.

On stage the group is known for more than just music, with each live performance containing female strippers and pyrotechnics as well as commonplace symbols such as the skull with headphones.

Rotterdam Terror Corps has also worked with many other DJs and producers, including Bass-D, The Headbanger, Neophyte, King Matthew, and DJ Macabre. Rotterdam Terror Corps has won several awards, most notably the two for Best Live Act and Best MC in 1996.