seestrings - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

Seestrings is Bruce Dupre, an electronic artist from Louisiana. Each successive release by the artist effortlessly draws you into a state of sublime consciousness. Dupre’s work is distinguished by fragile beats and a downtempo IDM signature recalling hints of contemporaries Jello (Bola), Proem, and Ochre. Previous releases on the excellent Laidback Electronica netlabel include the Strawberry Jam [EP] and Oh My God, Am I Here All Alone? [LP].

Seestrings’ In My Dream I Lost You [EP] marks the label’s first release from this little known artist. Oh My God, Am I Here All Alone? [LP] will be re-mastered and is set for a 2009 re-issue/re-release on Sun Sea Sky Productions.