Sermon Of Orion - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

Originally called Sermon, name was changed to sound less religious and not to have fan moaners complain over band names being stolen.

Sermon Of Orion is a doomy black metal band from the perishing wastes of central lancashire UK.

Songs tell the ideas, theories and philosophies of conspiracy theories, paranoia and supernatural occurances; aswell as imagery and ideas used in books such as lord of the rings, and in historic war time battles.

Sermons music is slightly progressive black metal sound with doom interludes, shrieking and barked vocals aswell as fast, depressive and sometimes drone guitar sounds.

4th best unsigned band in the Terrorizer’s 2012 Readers Poll… Somehow.


Forbod - Immortal, Burzum, Enslaved, Akercocke, Opeth, Wolves in the Throne Room, Emperor and Agalloch.

Bjornsson - Enslaved, Amon Amarth, Nirvana (lyrically), Dimmu Borgir (until the most recent album), Lamb of God, Dave Swarbrick and Martin Carthy, David Icke.

Grimness - Blast Beats, Burzum, Immortal, Napalm Death, Throats (RIP), Maths, The Berzerker (specially, Farewell), Velvet Cacoon.