Sick Cycle - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

Michael West and Levon Maeder are Sick Cycle, audio engineers and producers of mechanical, bass orientated noise and rhythms. Hailing from Christchurch, New Zealand, Sick Cycle are dedicated to the aggressive and metallic side of electronic music, and are the brutal face of New Zealand dubstep and drum & bass.

Canada’s Rottun Recordings released the first major tracks from Sick Cycle. ‘The Hive Mind EP’ exploded into the dubstep scene in late 2009, alongside Australian producer ‘Sook’. The extreme distorted basslines and metal influenced double-kick drums struck a chord the world over, and the sound has resonated with many. Later in 2010 ‘The Various EP’, also on Rottun, featured 2 more of Sick Cycles tracks ‘Concept’ and ‘Epinephrine’.

Tracks on Section 8 Recordings also pay testiment to the sheer force behind their sound. The ‘Smoke & Mirrors EP’ on Section 8 Recordings was the number one download on digital tunes for two weeks consistently across all genres. Their track ‘Mutate’ also on Section 8 Recordings, appears on the ‘Best of Dubstep 2010 CD’ released by Future-Dnb. Later in 2011 Sick Cycle will appear alongside Current Value and Balkansy on a massive Section 8 Recordings release titled ‘Future Darkness’.

Sick Cycle Records began at the end of 2010, and serves as an outlet for the extremes of their production. The tracks are available on digital tunes, chemical records and direct through bandcamp. In addition, each year Sick Cycle Records will release an exclusive CD of the years best tunes, available only in New Zealand at an exclusive release party held in Christchurch.