SQS - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

Supastars: India’s Biggest Pop Band hunt was a hit number!

It started off as an idea to provide a platform for the pulsating musical talent of this country. With the right agent of change –Times Music - turned into India’s Biggest Pop Band Hunt.

Soon SUPASTARS was rolled out and a purely content focused Pop Band Hunt gripped the nation like no other TRP-hankering, bashful-judges sporting, Television Talent hunt had done before. Contestants knew this was only about the music and the melody, so they worked hard, real hard!

Entries started pouring in with astounding original numbers that blew our judges off their feet, even the covers were so smoothly performed that they almost matched the originals and many emotional stories of bands re-uniting; many of them practicing for hours on end to create the perfect demo were truly goose-bump inducing. The organizers are proud to say that simple and easy entry procedures were set up so Pop Bands could upload their Demos online or simply dial into the hotline specially created for them and perform!

The equally awesome response from every part of the country just goes to prove that every inch of India is pulsating with musical talent. We have got the talent to produce the next global pop band icon, all we need is to offer them a platform.

We are delighted to have been able to provide the right platform for these bands.

We auditioned over 800 pop bands & met over a 100 bands and shortlisted the final 4 for an audition in Mumbai. The shortlisted 4 Bands were from Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta & Bangalore. They battled out for the “SUPASTARS” title in the grand finale which was hosted at the Hard Rock Café Mumbai. “The SQS Project” from west zone won & took home the “SUPASTARS” title

The winner band is now better known as – “SQS SUPASTARS”

SQS SUPASTARS Music is produced in Sweden – Sweden being the Mecca of pop. Bands such as Abba, The Cardigans, Ace of Base, Roxette are all from Sweden.

Something about the band: SQS SUPASTARS is a team of 4 members

• Samar better known as ‘Summer’. locks his place as the guitarist of SQS

• Quesh (Keshav Dhanraj), is a multi talented musician who fits the drummer attire for SQS’s live gigs

• Sanam Puri, with looks as catchy as his vocal range/tone, portrays the core of music composed

• Venkat better known as ‘Venkey’, a reputed bassist, song writer and singer, is the bassist of the band.