Susan Morabito - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

As change comes to the music industry Susan Morabito still delivers the euphoric musical sophistication that takes one on a profound journey that becomes a celebration of life.

Whether she spins dark and sexy, soulful and smooth or light and happy it is the vision, creativeness, execution that sets Morabito apart from the others. Her musical performance at any given moment can control a dance floor. With effortless ease she takes her dancers on an incredible uplifting ride.

Morabito understands her dancer’s emotions. She delivers a sense of togetherness with her collective, commanding and powerful rhythm. She is experimental, original and the energy she brings to the dance floor is tangible.

Susan has played a fundamental role in musical education and evolution. In over 25 years of playing for varied audiences nationally with her own sophisticated distinct style she has touched, influenced and moved others. Her seven CD collections continue to bring down the house with her unique mix of dance tracks.