Sweet Licious - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

Sakurako, Girls singer attention No.1 unit was established by Kaede “Sweet Licious (Sweet Future Perfect)”.

Unit name, “Sweet” is a cute and 女No子Rashi, “Delicious” “Gorgeous” from the name I put the thought of becoming an artist coined term that combines both sides of a mature woman. Also worked songwriter himself, everybody sing “clearly”, “memorable” and catchy message from the standpoint of real girls of the same generation have a reputation for always.

The fusion of Cutie in glossy Rich Voice of Kaede Cool and Shiny Voice of growth in the Sakurako, harmony is produced from two exquisite. Performed live at the club based in Tokyo, both established fans and enjoy the live style. The women live in style, especially acclaimed youth of Shibuya.

Prior to their major debut in May 2010, subject producers Female “AILI” ballad tracks produced by “Destiny” delivered at Rekochoku a limited time. Prior to major debut, a feat accomplished record as a club full weekly rankings Chok 3.

October 06, 2010, spelled the feeling of real love song girl happy dance tune, major debut album is packed with catchy songs people sing “Sweet Licious” is released. Fleeting thoughts never reach spelled hope, lead track “Melody of the Night Sky feat. C” is ranked as one new artist each week weekly club songs Chok exceptional record, delivering a full weekly rankings as a club record Chok Download the hit record. Also, a popular model girls mom “Bear Has Tsu” CD cover was also controversial produced Music Clip & starring.

Album track “Destiny (Album Version)” is the No.1 most popular clubs in Japan, be appointed to the ending theme song of the Shibuya club atom. And regular event at Shibuya club atom from May 4 “Style produced by Sweet Licious / Venus-B” starts. In addition, regular program of his first radio “Radio in delicious Sweet Licious (Aichi FM)” also started.

Chaku-Uta on May 20, 4 (R) also participated as a limited single vocal delivery was delivered FIREWORK DJs. Participated in Sweet Licious “much, much more. Mix Sweet Licious”, the song about wearing Rekochoku Daily 8 ranking, club song reached # 1 ranking Daily!

On 18 May, the first digital single women must listen in unrequited love “~ feat届Ketai in My Heart ~ Kimi. JUN from CLIFF EDGE” is released!

Talent “freaked Ohki,” etc. on the cover with Happie nuts, a popular model, “Yui Minemura” Music Clip attention also starring.

Sweet Licious feelings of people originating from the ride to the song, you begin to flutter and gleaming future.

Girl singer is the No.1 unit attention right now.