The Prosecution - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

There are at least 3 Bands named “The Prosecution”

* a semi-technical deathcore band from Chicago

* an anarchist punk band from New Yawk City

* a bavarian band playing a mixture of ska & punkrock (called Abensberg Skacore by them)

The Prosecution are an anarchist punk band from the outskirts of New Yawk City. They are made up of Jonny Dirtspitter (anarchist guitar and anarchist vocals), Justin Themoodforalittleanarchy (anarchist leading vocals) and Art Mageddon (anarchist drums and anarchist rhymes).

The Prosecution is a bavarian band that was founded in 2002 by 5 guys who just wanted to make music together. In 2004 3 new members joined the band and they discovered their own style of combining ska with punkrock. In December 2007 they published a CD called “Move On”.

The Prosecution is a Chicago deathcore band founded in 2009 with former members of local acts GladHeAteHer and Elenora, having recently published a 3 song EP called the Cocktail Party Demo.