The Ribs - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

The Ribs are a 3 piece setup from Guildford in Surrey.

The Ribs are in short; a new band of old friends. With many previous bands in their wake each member brings to the table a solid background of musical experience and a varied catalogue of songs.

A new band of old Friends the trio consist of Guy Matthews (vocals, guitar), Adam Day (Guitar, Vocals) Loz Curtis (Drums)

ORIGIN OF THE NAME: In the USSR by the mid-1940s students in engineering colleges in the Soviet Union devised phonographs that could record onto thin sheets of plastic. And in this starved, war-torn country, fraught with shortages of nearly every kind, the only suitable surplus source of recording material was the mounting piles of roentgenizdat (or X-rays). These were actual X-ray plates—chest cavities, spinal cords, broken bones—rounded at the edges with scissors, with a small hole in the centre and grooves that were barely visible on the surface. Fittingly, the flexis would be called rok na rebrakh (“rock on ribs”). This was truly record manufacturing at its most DIY. Each record was pressed onto its own unique X-ray. By 1958, the rib-record business was booming, with millions having been distributed on the black market (primarily American jazz and the first bits of the burgeoning rock-’n’-roll movement—Charlie Parker, Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry). But 1958 was also the year the Stalinists banned rib records, organizing Komsomol (or Communist Youth League) “music patrols” that would comb the country and report on anyone involved in “illegal musical activity”.