The Smizokes - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

The Smizokes formed as a four piece ska-punk band in 1997. Based out of the Eastern Shore of Maryland, the original lineup consisted of Toe, Nick Hell, Lee, and Frank. In the Summer of ‘97, Beezer, Lil Nick, Crisqo, and Amanda joined, forming the horn section. It was with this line-up that The Smizokes recorded their first “demo” at Mt. Royal Studios in Baltimore, MD. Soon after, in ‘98, Frank left the band and was replaced by Jeff. At this time The Smizokes recorded their self-titled, self-released record (also at Mt. Royal). It was also with this line-up that they started playing a lot of shows in the Baltimore/D.C. region. The most famous of these shows being the various VFW post 160 shows. These were an almost weekly event at the time! Some of the best local Hardcore, Punk, and Ska acts played at “160”. It was also in this time frame that the “classic” line-up was filled out to a nine piece band with the addition of Frat Boy Mike to the horn section. Things went on well for about two years. It was with this line-up The Smizokes recorded their second record “X-tinction Agenda” (also self-released). Then came the changes…Amanda and Lee left the band at almost the exact same time. Lee was replaced for a very short time by Wayne. Then, Nick Hell and Jeff left the band, and for about six months The Smizokes went on hiatus to think things over. They got back together with Jeff agreeing to return, the addition of “Metal Mike”, and Toe being the sole vocalist. This went pretty well for about a year, with The Smizokes playing their biggest show to date at the 9:30 club with The Mighty Mighty Bosstones. Soon after, Toe left the band. This was the end for The Smizokes (version 1). Out of the ashes sprang Thrash Gordon, with everyone leftover from the band, and Crisqo on Vocals! These times too passed, and by 2002 Thrash Gordon disbanded. Fast foward a little to a time when Frat Boy, Crisqo and Beezer were working at the same bar in St. Michaels, and decide to “re-form” The Smizokes. Met with some resistance by old fans and some old band members, they enlisted the talents of Ricky, Richard and K.J. (and later, Matt from the local ska-punk band “The Venkmans”) to get The Smizokes “2.0” off the ground. While it was fun to play the old songs again, the band broke-up for good in 2004 after about a year and a half. Finally, in February 2007, Nick A.; Beezer; Chris; Amanda; Lil Nick and FratBoy Mike (with help from Matt Blast of course!) reunited on stage for the first time in over 6 years! The show was billed “The Smizokes and Friends: 10 Year Class Reunion” and was put on at The Ottobar by Bobby Babylon with “Reggae Got Punk”. Although not ALL of The Smizokes could make it, T.J.; Jeff; and Lee were with them in spirit when the crowd joined in for one last chorus of “Crazy Days”! It was a great night, and a wonderful way to end it all.