The Toilet - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

The Toilet is one man act from Gothenburg, Sweden. The music is created mainly from recycling music and a plunderphonics style of cutting small audio clips from different sources and putting them together to create new music, and then adding drums and vocals. The result is a mix of various genres breakcore, grindcore, screamo, techno, hardcore, polka, disco, chiptunes etc.

The live shows are a very visual mix of performance “art”, horror, disco dancing, screaming and blood.

In 2005 The Toilet was part of the Monsters With Machines US/CAN 60 days Tour. Together with Electrocutionerdz, The Smile Adventure & The Mourningside Excursion
The Toilet/Klas-Benny has been performing live together with Ljudit Andersson, under the name Lazer Zebras

In 2012 The Toilet started working together with Michael Intergalaxon and has made some live appearances together.


“The music is all programmed, wich allows for such crazyness as this to be made. The music is mostly just drum machines, and electronic blips and breakcore/speedcore dance music, and sounds that wouldn’t be out of place on a mario game. The vocals are however pure grindcore, with the higher shouted vocals, that Napalm Death started, and the lower growlings. These however have been tampered with and are electronically messed with, similar almost to what Whourkr does with their vocals.

All the songs are short in grindcore fashion, and while not being the best songwriter ever, the man behind this project, Bulldozerman, makes up for with a interesting sense of humour, and very catchy songs that are quite infectous.” -Metal Music Archives. Review



2005 Monsters With Machines Tour 2005 (CD, album, Tempo Blaster Records)

2007 Crime and Shit (as part of The Fruit Will Rot Vol. 3 (CD, album, Deathbomb Arc)

2009 Bullshit Makes Flowers Grow (mp3, album, Cock Rock Disco)

2011 Ljudit Andersson with Klas-Bennys Orkester - Ljudits Baby (mp3, album, Mutantswing)


2011 Det grymma svärdet 7’ - Direktörn presenterar Klas-Benny fd. The Toilet (book/7inch vinyl, Lystring)


2008 Monsters With Machines Tour 2005 (DVD, Retinal Overdrive)