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There are two groups with the name “Eight Days From Sunday”:

1) A British punk band formed in 2009

2) An American rock band formed in 2002, disbanding in 2011 before an eventual reunion in 2012.

1) Eight Days From Sunday is a British punk rock group based in Orpington, Kent, currently consisting of Ben Brazier (guitar, vocals), Lewis Fife (drums) and Philip Whitehead (bass guitar).

Formed as Footsteps From The Fable in October 2009 by Ben Brazier (guitar), Mike Lane (bass) and Lewis Fife (drums) and Billy O’Brien (vocals), although after about a month Billy O’Brien left the group. Ben Brazier took over vocal duties and the group became Eight Days From Sunday. This stable lineup built a reputation in the local Orpington music scene, often playing in shows alongside acts such as Stay Lucky Sound and Silent Crowd, and playing local festivals (such as Party In The Priory, playing regularly from 2010 to present) and even playing one show at the Monto Water Rats in August 2011, their first show at a recognised music venue. During this time the group released a number of low quality demos on their official Reverbnation page for free download.

In January 2012 Mike Lane, who had moved to Brighton in late 2011, no longer became available to perform regularly for the band. Friend of the band and bassist for the group side project Against All Odds, Philip Whitehead (who also plays guitar/vocals in The Grand Alternative Choir), filled in for live shows initially, however in May 2012 he took over bass duties on a permanent basis. His first recording with the band was a cover of the Bernie Winters song “It’s Bernie” which received airplay on BBC Radio London, followed by the demo/EP, This Town Is Ours, on which some old songs were re-worked and 2 new songs were recorded. The EP was supported by a series of shows in London. A second EP, Will Play Punk For Food, was released in January 2013.

The band’s initial early output (as heard on the Eight Days From Sunday demo) was heavily influenced by American pop punk bands such as Green Day, blink-182, Good Charlotte and Fall Out Boy, however on This Town Is Ours, songs became progressively more akin to Lower Than Atlantis and Four Year Strong with Architects also influencing a heavier style. The group’s music on This Town Is Ours generally follows a pop-punk musical structure although vocally screams have become increasingly common. On single The End, a more hardcore punk style is noticeable. Work on a follow up EP began towards the end of 2012 with 2 songs released, What Went Wrong and Cold Sweat, showing more of a balance between the hardcore and pop punk influences, carried on throughout the sophomore effort.

Current Lineup:

Ben Brazier - vocals, guitar (2009-present)

Lewis Fife - drums (2009-present)

Philip Whitehead - bass guitar, samples, backing vocals (2012-present)

Former Members:

Billy O’Brien - vocals (2009) - As “Footsteps From The Fable”.

Mike Lane - bass guitar (2009-2012)

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Eight Days From Sunday on Reverbnation

2) Eight Days from Sunday was a band from Morton, Illinois in 2002. The band broke up in 2011, yet has returned with intentions to release a full album in Autumn 2013.

Christopher Pond - Guitar and Vocals

Andrew Turney - Bass and Vocals

Doug Ford - Drums