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“…these guys probably could take on any so-called “Technical Brutal Death Metal” act” - Spirit Of Metal Webzine

From Isolation, an aptly named four-piece hailing from Perth, Western Australia… the most isolated city in the world, featuring ex-members of Defect Notice (Matt and Seth), The Hairy Buffalo (Moose) and The Last/Megrim (Josh).

They have been together since early 2009 and after few line up changes they pulled their shit together and recorded a free demo EP in the Isolation Studios in the hope of having the privilage of raping your earholes!! No beat correction on this one… What you hear is what was played!! For anyone that likes death with math/progressive flavours, a strong element of groove and quality beards and sideburns…

…Please feel free to download our FREE demo EP!!

“…Remember: Deathcore = Death Metal + Hardcore. From Isolation know this and do it well.” - Spirit Of Metal Webzine