«Happy Family» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

There are two bands under the name Happy Family: 1. Happy Family were a Japanese instrumental quartet formed in 1987 who released 2 albums. The eponymous (95) first saw them adopt a zeuhlesque sound that calls to mind Eider Stellaire, but which dabbles in avant-garde progressive rock as well. Influences ranged from Magma to Univers Zero, with ecletic, furious passages that may sound similar to King Crimson or Frank Zappa. Their second album, Toscco (97), is a cult classic in Zeuhl circles, though it is even further from Zeuhl than their debut, taking an adrenaline overdose and applying it to music that jumps all over the map. 2. Happy Family is Will Pesta from Baltimore, Maryland. He started his own record label called wigflip records, you can find his music there along with tons of other good tunes from all sorts of very slick folks. http://www.wigfliprecords.com/