«Fahrenheit Project» - 伝記、アルバム、曲、ビデオクリップ

Part One

First in a series of compilations bringing together each time artists from the world and electronic scene, Fahrenheit Project takes you further on the ambient journey. All along this project, the diverse musical and geographical influences communicate with one another, evoke their rhythms, their harmonies and inspirations to give you 77 minutes of varied music. An invitation to a different perception of ambient, electro world and trance.

Through the 1990’s most new-school ambient trance music came from labels whose main focus was the dancefloor - psy-trance labels like Spiritzone and Twisted, the more mainstream Lost Language and Hooj Choons, the Euphoria series and so on. The genre was crying out for someone game enough to take it a step further. Enter Vincent Villius and Sunbeam of French-based Ultimae Records, established in 2000 and one of the first labels to champion the genre full time with its “panoramic music for panoramic people”. Some of it quite danceable, certainly, but nearly always with the enveloping ambience of psychedelic spacemusic in all its intriguing shades and colours. Ultimae’s Fahrenheit Project compilations are brave and beautiful. They offer some of the richest, most creative and intelligent trance-based ambient you’ll hear from artists anywhere on the planet, past or present.

Fahrenheit Project part 1 is an impressive beginning and makes clear from the outset that Ultimae’s definition of trance is open-minded and progressive. Aes Dana (a duo comprising of the label’s co-founders) gives us something new and strange with the extraordinary “Skyclad”. The opening oriental flute and eerie background drone could be textbook ethno-ambient until a percussive drum loop kicks in and casts its hypnotic spell. Also of note is Craig Padilla’s beatless “Beyond Beta”, jaw-droppingly beautiful and almost Berlin old-school ala Ashra with its warm, enveloping shroud of shimmering melody and sad synth chords.

Part Two

Second in serie of compilations bringing together each time several artists from the electronic and world music scene from all around the word, Fahrenheit Project unfolds new ambient territories.This time it will take you to different soundscapes : northern steppes, wide and wild canadian prairies, sunny California and oriental coloured Europe.Drift along 72 minutes of varied and unheard music and discover a certain definition of ambient, electro world and trance.

If you enjoy the part one, part two is even better! Compiled and mixed by Vincent Villuis and Sunbeam (aes Dana), it brings together elements from the four corners of the earth to create melodramatic and magical soundscapes that takes you on a vision quest with the help of no shaman. Excellent tracks by vibrasphere followed by glaciales lacrimae composed by Khetzal (Tangerine dream docet); the final part made up of world electronic ambient beats and ending in the twilight zone with the help of Robert Rich’s somnium. A must for any serious ambient collection.

Part Three

Ultimae records presents the third volume of its Fahrenheit Project collection. A new selection of 10 unreleased ambient downtempo, trancey, tribal and atmospheric tracks. Thought up as a long chill-out journey amongst ethereal rhythms, Fahrenheit Project carries on presenting and promoting a certain definition of electronic music : visual and dreamlike. this time the story was compiled and mixed by Koala (former member of French trance band Jaïa), specialised in novodub and space music.

Some nice quality chillout for these increasingly cold autumn days? in Europe at least. (If you?re living in warmer climes, then just use your imagination.) Fahrenheit Project 3 manages to fit into an as-yet untouched groove, with a definite seasonal feel? the cover artwork features deep autumnal sunshine filtered through cold-starched treetops and the whole album has that vibe of hibernation time. If you accept that our own internal rhythms are in some way connected to those of the earth, and that ancient ancestors would probably be spending time right about now gathering animal skins, nuts and hallucinogenic mushrooms to hoard back into their caves for the winter downtime, then you?ll appreciate this vibe. Compiled and mixed by Koala, previously part of much applauded Jaia, this is a tight collection of beatless trance and tribal world breakbeats that only suffers intermittently from taking itself too seriously. Koala?s track with Xentrix opens the CD nicely with one of the finest bits of chill of the year, a real unfolding and rising atmosphere makes the music take on a mind of its own. Likewise Cell?s Spiritual Moves is awesome and reminds you just how deep this music can go, and Carbon Based Lifeforms? MOS 6581 is supreme: glossy, meditative stuff that brings feelings overflowing and then makes them subside gorgeously. With input from Toires, Solar Fields and Mystical Sun jostling alongside fresher names like Aes Dana & HUVA Network, familiar patterns shift alongside newer ones making this a sublime tribal chillout backdrop to cold, clear Sunday mornings.

Part Four

Ultimae records presents the fourth volume of its famous Fahrenheit Project collection.

A new selection of 10 unreleased ambient gems, from downtempo, trancey to tribal and atmospheric. Thought up as a long emotional and dramatic journey amongst ethereal textures and fluid or broken rhythms, Fahrenheit Project carries on presenting and promoting a certain definition of ambient electronic music : panoramic and cinematic. Compiled and mixed by Vincent Villuis (Aes Dana, H.U.V.A Network), producer and deejay specialised in psy-downbeat and deep hypnotic music. This new chapter was mastered, of course, by ?magical ear? Huby Sea (Cassandra Complex, UMF records,?) on his faithful Pro Tools Station.

Our famous collection of ambient landscapes [ Fahrenheit Project ] continues to grow. The 4th volume received a warm welcome… “Heat up your winter with another round of silky beatronic streams from France’s Ultimae… the v/a of Fahrenheit Project 4 are masters of smooooth space-cruising. When “Unions Light” arises, a looming darkness pulses, intermittently emitting wispy streamers and percolating sequences as rendered by Solar Fields; steadier beats drop into “Chinese Radio”, where Puff Dragon’s smoldering aurora of smokelike tendrils are stirred by contagious rhythms. Shimmery synth ripples phase into Aural Planet’s “Hydropoetry Cathedra ” (9:47) where they writhe along with organically-churning thumps. Slipping from a thrumming void, Carbon Based Lifeforms’ “Epicentre second movement” evolves into a captivating pattern of electrosymphonic swells, enticing percussive currents and warmly-bleeping leads, all underlain by slithery movements of the unknown. Sweet! Riddled with slow-motion drumplay, “Audio Deepest Night” slurs along in an entrancing dreamdance of soft burbles and sinuous synthblurs. Extra-forceful lows from Vibrasphere impel “Northern Sunset” into spiraling blackness and twinkling starmotes. Backed by Hol Baumann’s sultry rhythms, gorgeously hypnotic “Send away” warps warmly, eventually to be joined by cosmic jangles and serpentine wails. Expert soundshaping meets with teasingly rhythmic delivery in over 68 minutes of ten lush ambientronic tracks. No matter how you measure it, the temperature of Fahrenheit Project 4 is always pleasing! Other artistis include, Aes Dana, Cell and Ochi Brothers. A Thanks to Ultimae.”

Part Five

Ultimae Records is thrilled to present Fahrenheit Project Part 5. 11 panoramic tracks for better days selected by the Ultimae Team and mixed by Tajmahal. Opened by newly reformed Ja?a, this new collection of unreleased ambient anthems presents the latest works of our in-house artists Solar Fields, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Hol Baumann, Aes dana and Cell but also Great Leap Forward, Aural Planet and a new project : SYNC24.

As always in the compilation of this series, the journey takes you from downtempo trance to deep and acid ambient. Mixed by Tajmahal, famous for his chill out sessions at parties and festivals across the world like Zoom, Ypy Poty, Morrocco, Naturalp, Hoffmann party, Shivamoon,…and mastered by ? should we present him again? Huby Sea.

Part Six

After a summer full of festivals and parties, Ultimae’s back with the 6th volume of the Fahrenheit Project series. 9 inedit anthems dreamed by our in-house artists: Solar Fields, H.U.V.A Network, Aes Dana, Sync24, Cell, Hol Baumann… but also new ambient values like Scann-Tec, Irukandji and Sundial. More upbeat than the previous chapters, Fahrenheit Project 6 is the absolute soundtrack for your after parties, morning celebration or “sofatimes”…

The One before the Last…