21. Relationships, Aliens, and Life After Death

21. Relationships, Aliens, and Life After Death

If you guys have been following Ryan and Kota’s podcast, this is a totally different episode. You are in for a treat!  Since it is the 21st episode, they thought it would be only appropriate to do the podcast at Ryan’s house in beautiful Pacific Beach, while drinking and smoking cigars. 

This podcast takes a ton of fun turns in conversations!

Ryan and Kota cover:

-  How Ryan met his wife Disney (At a bar in Pacific Beach… Very drunk)

- How Kota almost passed out  telling his current girlfriend “I love you.” for the first time

-  How aliens are definitely REAL AF

- What happens after you die

- Why Ryan decided to leave Texas and come back to California

- How the universe is guiding you to bigger and better things (if you ask for it) 


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